Wojtek Więckowski: Poland’s Pollock? Or More? Abstract Expressionism in 2017 / Abstract Realism?

Tony Robert Cochran

Wojtek Więckowski, 33, is personally enigmatic; his work cyclical, nearing kaleidoscopic. Engaging multiple mediums, from blues-infused, folk and ambient guitar compositions paired with photographic slides of his Abstract Expressionist paintings, his oeuvre sits somewhere between Ad Reinhardt’s controlled, restrained and, later monochromatic, paintings, and Jackson Pollock’s ‘action paintings,’ thrown paint whizzing onto canvas. Więckowski unconsciously synthesizes essential elements in the rich history of Abstract Expression, yet his work is not rote.

Meeting Więckowski at his studio: an austere and dilapidated, yet warm space in the basement of an old building in Warsaw’s Sadyba neighborhood, I am shocked when he speaks English with a Texan accent. I ask, puzzled, wait: you are originally from Poland? He laughs, “yep, I am polack!”  Growing up on American folk music, among his other favorite genres which include everything from progressive rock to Blues and Jazz, along with a six-month stint in Texas, has…

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