Short Note, 1 (Negative Nihilist Ontology & Zen Cyborgs)

Tony Robert Cochran

Invoking far-reaching consequences, empty space precludes space itself, as emptiness precludes empty space. A chain of ‘somethings,’ congeal, like an eddy of finitude on (a/the) sea of infinite nothingness. Negative Nihilist Ontology posits radically that nothing exits everywhere. And this nothing is the upsurge that is called something. Not just ‘something’ but chains, breaks, flows, crashes, symbioses, parasites, growths, decays and retractions of somethings. Paradoxically, nothingness permeates being to its core. Cogitating nothing, subjectivity cannot conceive of a nothing. Nothingness is simultaneously discrete and ubiquitous; ever present in its absence, it runs, withdraws and remains elusive, illusive and allusive. Implying or inferring nothingness conceptually is infinities. Multiple, polyvalent, directionless yet sourcing all direction and particularity, nothingness resides at the core of something. It is ‘coiled in being like a worm’ according to Jean-Paul Sartre (Being & Nothingness). For Sartre, the plenitude of being is. Being is what it is. Nothingness…

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