Literally Nothing Publishing is a non-spacial, non-temporal worksite dedicated to the hard process of delving into that which is physically, aesthetically, culturally and politically difficult. The root of this project began with Magazyn Listopadowy / November Magazine, an altermodern continuation, as the Northern Hemisphere aches/arches towards winter, of October. Expanding beyond November to encompass the transnational, globalized, non-site specific within aesthetic criticism, ontology and epistemology, Literally Nothing Publishing was born. Explicating social, cultural, economic and physical relations of inter-subjectivity and between subjects-objects within sculptural-architectural, film, and other artistic practices. Engaging with artists, architects, scientists and mathematicians, to build inter-disciplinary rapport for a neo-conceptual project involving collaborating with language, community and (what it means to be) Other. Promoting artists and artistic practices that open the field of conceptual experiences, in literature, painting, sculpture-architecture, Earth-works, site-constructions, etc.

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